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Leadership & Facilitator Training

Leadership & Facilitator Training

Mette Sorensen, Principal at High Spirits Retreat

“I grew up in Denmark, where community is the number one priority. It is natural for me to be in groups of people organising events and creating sacred space. I was drawn to teaching from a very early age, and by the time I became a qualified teacher I knew I would focus on adult learning. Facilitation and leadership is the natural extension of this focus. Many people now come to High Spirits Retreat to learn how to become a leader in their field, to discover how to facilitate with ease and grace, and to work with group dynamics both in the work-place and at home”.

With over 30 years practical experience, Mette brings expertise, passion and 100% commitment to her life-long study of how adults learn. With contagious energy, enthusiasm and joy in passing on her experience, she lovingly supports and guides you to find your own truth from your heart. “Laughter is the gateway to the heart,” says Mette, “And if people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish. The more you know yourself, the more clear your chosen path will be, and the greater your influence in the world!”

All Mettes Institute programs are thoroughly researched and personalised, designed to nurture every individual student. Students are encouraged to reassess their life choices and supported to improve their overall sense of well-being. Emphasis on professional and responsible teaching methods ensures all participants graduate with confidence.


I have learned so much from Mette about working with group dynamics: tuning into a group, knowing how and when to shift energy and focus, and how to do this with ease, grace and humour! Training with Mette has equipped me with skills and confidence to achieve my personal goal of successfully running my own performance retreats and workshops. And along the way I have been encouraged to be more fully myself; the personal growth has been profound. I cannot recommend this training highly enough. Just do it.

love, Dawn

"During 2009 I had the most fantastic opportunity to attend Facilitator Training (FT) with Mette at High Spirits. I was already assisting other facilitators prior to this on ‘Spirit of Woman’ and Ka Huna training Levels 1&2, 3, 5 and 6. However, it was not until I did my FT that I truly stepped up and into my own personal power as a leader.

The benefits of this training go far beyond just being able to stand in front of a room full of students and teach massage, and have had a profound effect on many aspects of my life that I never would have imagined. Personal power, just what does that mean? Power of the person, power of 1, power of me, becoming empowered, realising that yes, maybe I can make a difference. By first realising my goal, my path or direction, by accepting myself, by loving myself, I can manifest my dreams and step over those long held limiting beliefs I've been carrying around forever.... read more

Jessica – Facilitator at High Spirits Retreat, Musician and Performance Artist

I had the amazing opportunity to experience Leadership and Facilitators (L&F) training at Mette's Institute during 2011. I perform leadership roles at home, in my workplace where I am part of a small team within a larger team environment, and in my community. I thought L&F training would help me find my voice so that I could positively contribute in those environments from building trust between family members, colleagues and members of my community to creating harmonious relationships which would lead to productive outcomes. But it was so much more than this. First, it helped me to trust myself, to bring out my story, my essence and my power so that I can now stand before anyone, from an individual to a large room full of people, and be able to speak with confidence and clarity.... read more

Love Margie xx

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